Bella Valpolicella

Inspired by our most popular and personal favorite red wine.

Oil on canvas, 40cm to 40cm picture

(The unique wine-cork frame is fastened)



0,41 ETH 

Lost in Denmark

A small lodge house in the depth of the Danish country field.

Oil painting 80 to 80 cm

14500 Dkk



The Orchid That Was Picked in 2020

Oil on canvas, 50cm to 40cm

2.811,19 Dkk


 0.25 ETH 

Inside the Crypto

Nothing exists except crypto and empty space everything else is opinion.

Acrylic, 2x 70cm to 35cm

1.249,52 Dkk


0,16 ETH

Acer Palmatum

Let no one persuade you by word or deed from not being yourself

Oil on canvas, 70cm to 50cm

1.936,70 Dkk


0.17 ETH

Hot Chili Pepper

Nothing hotter than a chili pepper

Acrylic, 84cm to 64cm

9.996,00 Dkk


0.89 ETH

Somewhere in the Mediterranean

watercolor 40 cm to 50 cm

1800 kr

$ 288

0,16  ETH